Volunteer in Kenya with CARA Projects (Registered Charity No. CHY18652).

Would you like an opportunity to be a volunteer in Kenya, where you can use your talents and skills to enhance the lives of young girls, while learning about the culture and customs of the local Kenyan people?

CARA Projects have two types of volunteer programs – a year round program where volunteers can visit CARA and stay in our volunteer accommodation and an annual volunteer program where we organise two group trips (approx. 30 -40 volunteers) in January and February each year.

The year round volunteer program, which involves staying in our volunteer accommodation located in the grounds of the Cara Girl’s Rescue Centre, is only open to female volunteers.

The two annual volunteer programs are open to all volunteers.

Your volunteerism will make a genuine difference to the lives of these girls and also help with the funding required to sustain the centre. Volunteers can live in one of our comfortable volunteer rooms adjoined to the centre. The cost to stay in our volunteer accommodation is just 19 euro per night which includes hot shower, flush toilet, lunch (Kenya Style), tea/coffee making facilities. There is also a separate canteen from the main building for the sole use of volunteers. The funds raised by our volunteer package will be used to sustain and enhance the centre going forward.

Our year round volunteer program is suitable for any females who are thinking of volunteering in Africa and would like to get as much personal fulfilment from their trip as possible.

This type of volunteer program would also suit gap year students who would like to spend some time in volunteering in Africa, volunteering in a secure and friendly environment. The rift valley inhabited by the Masai people is virtually over the hill from our centre. We have many Masai friends in the valley and have a good rapport with these local people.

Volunteering in Kenya and working with young girls who are suffering, through no fault of their own, from abuse, neglect, starvation or have been abandoned due to the abject poverty of their family, has proved to be very fulfilling for previous volunteers.

The young girls, who make it to CARA Girls Rescue Centre, are provided with the love and care they deserve. They are guaranteed nutritious meals, a place in school and an environment where they can feel some sort of security and live a normal life.

The annual volunteer programs are open to all volunteers willing to fund raise for their trip and join a party of 30 to 40 volunteers to undertake various projects in C.G.R.C. These are 14 day trips and normally take place during the first 3 months of the year. Contact us for further details.

All money for the projects undertaken to date has been raised through fund-raising events and through sponsorship.  It is through the amazing generosity of a huge number of people that these projects are possible. All money raised goes 100% to the projects and there are no administrative fees or salaries taken by any of the Irish staff or volunteers.

Please answer ALL of the following questions

The following questions are a guideline to help you to introduce yourself to the staff who live and work at Cara Girls Rescue Centre. Cara Projects also like to have some details of our volunteers working in the centre. Write as freely and informally as you can. It is both a courtesy to our administrator Edwina and a reassurance for our volunteers that you know Cara welcomes you before you commit yourself.