Volunteer in Kenya with CARA Projects (Registered Charity No. CHY18652).

Would you like an opportunity to be a volunteer in Kenya, where you can use your talents and skills to enhance the lives of young girls, while learning about the culture and customs of the local Kenyan people?

Our annual volunteer program is back up and running following the recent COVID 19 pandemic. We had just completed our 2020 trips before the lockdowns started and were unable to complete any volunteer trips in 2021.

Since 2018, we have organised two group trips (approx. 30 -40 volunteers) in January and February each year. These volunteer trips have been very popular with transition year students in Ireland.

Purpose built volunteer accomodation is provided in the CARA centre. The accomodation includes bunk beds, flush toilets and showers. See below.

There are four smaller rooms for the adults and a bigger dormitory for the younger volunteers.

There is also a dining room with kitchen facilities for eating and leisure activities.

This program is open to all volunteers who can apply using the electronic submission below. Volunteers attending these annual trips fund raise a set amount and CARA organise flights, food and injections for the group.

The volunteer trips are not all work and no play. We schedule trips to go on safari, visit a local elephant orphanage and we walk into the rift valley to see giraffes in their natural habitat. We also organise visits to families in the local community using a local guide for translation purposes.

Your volunteerism will make a genuine difference to the lives of these girls and also help with the funding required to sustain the centre.

Please answer ALL of the following questions

The following questions are a guideline to help you to introduce yourself to the staff who live and work at Cara Girls Rescue Centre. Cara Projects also like to have some details of our volunteers working in the centre. Write as freely and informally as you can. It is both a courtesy to our administrator Edwina and a reassurance for our volunteers that you know Cara welcomes you before you commit yourself.